Photographic Art

My Camera : My Canvas

Silhouette of fishing canoe
Horizontal with perfect wave break
Vibrant abstract with blues yellow and red
Black and White of fishing boat silhouette
Fishermen canoe surfing
Sunset and silhouette of harbor
Vibrant flower and stem
Seascape with blues and whites
Canoe on the beach
Abstract with pastels of yellow, blue and black

All my life, beholding the splendors of nature and man, I have tried to make the camera reproduce what my mind’s eye sees.  Like most photographers, I have succeeded in that some of the time.  What became apparent over the years is that the Camera lens and the human eyeball very often do not see eye to eye.  The human eye benefits greatly from the way our brains adjust and clarify what we see.  The camera is much more literal.

I am lucky to live in one of the most picturesque places on the planet, the green coast of Brasil.  Its wet tropical shore is protected by coastal islands and sheltering capes and it lays host to the pretty little fishing villages and virgin bare beaches where I have spent so much camera time.

I still apply my traditional eye to photographing the boats, canoes and fishermen of the region. But over time, in such a target rich environment, one’s attention begins to wonder, and I start to experiment.  I began to see things more like the camera.  There had to be other subjects besides the obvious colorful crew in a colorful boat working in paradise under idyllic skies.

My father Edgard is a pioneer scuba diver and sport fisherman.  I have been around boats all my life.  One thing that stands out about boats is the amount of character in each one.  They are built of wood, heavy and durable, and are colored under wild schemes of paint.  They work their waters for decades until they no longer can hold out the sea. Years of damage, paint, and repair scar and beautify these boats... these pieces of floating art .

A few years back I improvised and chose to focus close in on the details of a boat.  I used natural light to my advantage and pushed right up to the complex story being played out on the boat hull.  I wanted to see just what the camera saw closeup.  My intuition paid off.  For years I put great effort in developing a style.  It emphasizes the closeup frame and image capture of these fishing boats, and strips them of the context that they are fishing boats at all, living out their normal life hauling gear.  My focus is to make color, texture, and contrast the most important elements in my abstract work . 

The camera is my canvas; with it I arrange colors and light together with their contrast,

and throw in some texture, and a little bit of soul.  

Here, I now have the means to showcase my pictures.  I continue to experiment and I will show the results on this website. Welcome to my scenery.

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