Cristina Prochaska, was born November 12, 1959 in São Paulo, Brazil.

​She is as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it.

​Her journey from budding photojournalist to model, then actress and full circle to fine art photography traces a path through the arts rarely traveled by an individual.

​By the age of fifteen Cristina had mastered a series of cameras passed down from her father, a well-known pioneer in underwater photography;  and she knew exactly what she wanted to do.  In 1977 and 1980 she attended classes in photography at NYCC and UCLA respectively.  In this period, she melded the technology of photography with her style and the art of the photograph.

​In the late 1970’s fate intervened, and Cristina was "discovered", while plying her craft, in the back of the paparazzi line.  She shot her first TV commercial soon after, and she launched from there.

​Cristina Prochaska was featured in countless Magazines including Vogue, Elle, Veja and Playboy.  In the 1980’s, traveling between Rio, Paris and New York she lived the prototypical lifestyle of a Brazilian model.  In that time her star rose fast and she gained international fame as a mainstay in Brazilian telenovelas or the soap-opera industry, which has distribution all over Latin America, Africa, and Europe.  At that time she had one of the most famous faces in Brazil.

​In 1987 Cristina proved fearless with her controversial and ground breaking role on Globo TV’s “Vale Tudo” playing Lais in a lesbian relationship, which was not an easy thing, living in the lap of Catholicism. Through three decades she has performed on stage, on TV and in feature films.  Cristina first performed on stage at an early age and that is where she is most at home performing.  She keeps active on stage in playhouses around Brazil; and in Ubatuba, where she now lives, she teaches acting.

​She has worn many hats in entertainment.  She has written, acted, produced and directed stage plays and movies.  She was a radio DJ, at the Bandeirantes FM “classic rock” station.  She was a hard news caster for the top Brazilian TV networks and had her own movie review show on Telecine TV.  She has been pulled into the rough streets of Brazilian politics and survived.  And she was married to an American for five years and peddled Third World folk art from their little shop “Brazilian Bazaar” in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Cristina has returned to her first love, photography, now with more imagination and a seasoned eye.  In May 2012, the first exhibition of her work opened in the prestigious MUBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture), in São Paulo.  Soon after that she had a gallery showing in Rio.  Her art sold out at the shows because it is so versatile in interior design, being of the photographic technique but looking so much like the vivid water color or oil painting of a modern master.


​Converting early from a Paulistana (one who lives in São Paulo) to a Carioca (one who lives in Rio de Janeiro) she has spent most her life by the sea.  Now she has a photo studio in the coastal town of Ubatuba. Her seascapes connect us to a mood we want to hold on to and embrace.  Her camera brings out the most vivid visuals from the most utterly mundane.  Cristina Prochaska’s art captures regional imagery not familiar to the rest of us.  But she takes it beyond what we would see and makes in it a place for the base, primary and the abstract. 

​                                                                                                           MD

Cristina's Bio
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