" The art of Cristina Prochaska is the mirror of herself: she finds shapes, colors and light where no one else can penetrate.  She creates abstractions that look like expressionist paintings.  She paints with her lenses."

 Klaus Mitteldorf - photographer / filmmaker

"Today we only talk about high technology and 4-D ... but embarking on these photos, feeling the textures of the boats and canoes brings me to a fresh smell of sea air.  I find out that Cristina has achieved all this with just one click. "
João Daniel Tikhomiroff - filmmaker

" Photos? Paintings? Spontaneous art mixed with the sea!  In the hooves of the canoes - the zeal of the fisherman, in the trace of the form - the memory of the function.  Cohesive and composed are the 'photographies' of Cristina Prochaska shown in this exhibition. "

Andreas Heiniger , Photographer

"It is a sense of exploration and silent movement that seeks to discover some hidden secret for the color that makes up the images taken and time that passes wearing them out. How good is to be carried away by this colors and shapes that are little perceived. Absolutely captivating."

Renata Junqueira Azevedo - Curator of MUBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture), in São Paulo.



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